Acceptable Behaviour

Acceptable Behaviour

Whilst you are enrolled in a course of study with Well Grounded Consultancy you are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour. The same expectations are extended to all staff and third-party partners of Well Grounded Consultancy.
Behaviour which is improper or inappropriate includes, but is not limited to:

• Consuming or having consumed alcohol while on campus
• Continuative disruptive behaviour
• Physically or verbally abusive behaviour
• The use of prohibited or illegal substances
• Deliberate misuse or damage of Well Grounded Consultancy equipment or materials
• Behaviour of a discriminatory nature
• Theft from staff or fellow students
• Slander or harassment of any sort, including sexual harassment
• Engaging in cheating or plagiarism

Any individual who is determined to have engaged in behaviour which is improper or inappropriate will be disciplined in accordance with the severity of their actions and with their history regarding acceptable behaviour. This may result in, amongst other things:

• A written warning
• Academic penalties
• Suspension or expulsion
• Being reported to the authorities, such as the police

If you believe that another person has engaged in acceptable behaviour you are strongly encouraged to make a complaint using the process described in the section of this website titled “Complaints and Appeals”.

All individuals who have a decision made against them in relation to transgressions of the acceptable behaviour standards are eligible to access the appeals process.