Course Attendance & Progress

Course Attendance and Progress

Your course of study will have expected attendance or contact requirements, and will have an expected timeline for the completion of units of competency. This information will be provided to you as part of your Confirmation of Enrolment, and may be updated from time to time. You are expected to meet all attendance requirements and to maintain your progress at an acceptable level. If you do not, your enrolment may be affected.

The expected minimum attendance at scheduled classes and for scheduled contact is 75%. If your attendance drops below 75% you will be contacted to discuss your circumstances and, if your attendance cannot be raised above 75%, you may be deemed to have not completed the requirements to undertake assessment for the unit of competency in which you are enrolled.

Minimum attendance considers that occasionally you will have valid, unavoidable reasons for absence, such as sickness or a family emergency. In these circumstances, you will be required to provide a doctor’s note, explanation or other evidence of your need to be absent. If this is considered acceptable your absence will not contribute to your absentee percentage. Regardless of the reasons for absence, all assessment must be undertaken and completed satisfactorily before you will be deemed to have competently completed a unit of competency.

The expected course progress is detailed in your timetable. If you fall behind the progress detailed in your timetable by more than one unit of competency you will be contacted to discuss your circumstances. This may result in an individual support plan being put into place or, if your progress cannot be returned to the expected level, you may be encouraged to withdraw from your studies until your circumstances have changed.

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