Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation

Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation

Well Grounded Consultancy will only grant deferral of a course of studies under serious personal circumstances, such as medical grounds or a family emergency. In most circumstances, it is more appropriate to withdraw and to re-apply later.

If you feel that you need to defer your enrolment, please contact our office on 1800 949 692 or The administration staff can help you work through your enquiry and determine the best course of action.

Well Grounded Consultancy reserves the right to initiate a suspension or cancellation of enrolment on the grounds of misbehaviour. This is consistent with our statement on “Acceptable Behaviour”, found elsewhere in this Student Prospectus.

If you need to withdraw from your course of study you are required to contact our office on 1800 949 692 or The administration staff will take the time to understand your circumstance and determine the best course of action. If withdrawal is the right thing for you, the administration staff will process your withdrawal and ensure that you are issued with a confirmation.


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Our mission is to establish flexible learning options tailored to the needs of individuals, and to ensure that every student is engaged in a high-quality learning experience aligned with the required vocational education and industry standards.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to be innovative, efficient, flexible and personable.