Launch of the PwC Chair in Digital Economy: an SME perspective

On 23rd April, 2015, a colleague and I were invited to attend the launch of the PwC Chair in Digital Economy. We were interested in attending the launch, given the novelty of the approach and the call for collaboration from business, university and government stakeholders in Brisbane.

The launch articulated some key themes and intentions for stimulating the digital economy, and left me thinking about the exciting opportunities to “supercharge the digital economy”. None more than the global reach that the digital economy affords SMEs in Brisbane.

After tweeting #digitaleconomy over my morning coffee, I got thinking and discussing with a colleague about how SME entrepreneurs could authentically engage with the Chair. Despite intentions there is a risk of disconnection between the Chair’s key partners (PwC, QUT, Brisbane Marketing, Queensland Government’s Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation) and the SME community. I didn’t want to see this collaborative opportunity missed.

So, I wrote to the Chair expressing the importance of SME engagement. I can confirm that the Chair’s partners are focussed on engaging with SMEs and that they are considering a range of initiatives.

I’ve summarised my thoughts into a question:

Within the digital economy, what part can SMEs play in disrupting existing ways of supplying products/services to markets/customers, and replace them with digital solutions that open doors to new marketplaces beyond?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on SME involvement in the digital economy.


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