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Top 10 benefits of The Cloud for business

A 2013 Rackspace survey of 1300 organisations found that

“Cloud Computing improved company profit by an average of 22%”

So, what is Cloud Computing?

Is it Apple’s iCloud?  Is it my information floating in the air?  Yes and no.  Cloud computing refers to any software applications and data storage services that are delivered in real time over the internet.  

Services include:

  • e-mail
  • data storage
  • communications
  • apps

The top 10 benefits of The Cloud for business

  1. Saves time
  2. Scales quickly
  3. Reduces need for IT staff
  4. Gives timely and convenient access to information
  5. Saves money
  6. Increases the speed that change can be implemented
  7. Reduces energy consumption
  8. Provides business continuity
  9. Increases collaboration efficiency
  10. Affords flexibility of work practices

Interested in learning more?

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