Systemic Innovation

Firstly, I did not make a spelling mistake. “Systemic” is “relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.”

So, what is systemic innovation, and what does it mean for us?

Well, firstly we must understand what systemic innovation is not. You see, innovation was understood previously to be a linear trajectory from new knowledge to new product. But, we all know that there’s never a clear, straight path when it comes to innovation – there will be road blocks.

Innovation cannot be singular, either. A lone employee or department, seeking to implement a one-off innovation will likely be unsuccessful. Without an intentional, repeatable process there will not be a significant increase in value for the customers or the organisation.

So, systemic innovation is about interactions. It arises from complex interactions between many individuals, organisations and their operating environment.

Let me challenge your thinking, because when we think of innovation, the first thing that comes to mind is product innovation. However, there are 6 types of systemic innovation.

  1. Organisational innovation
  2. Product innovation
  3. Process innovation
  4. Strategy innovation
  5. Marketing innovation
  6. Technological innovation

The more types you incorporate, the more successful your innovation is likely to be!

Stay tuned because next week I’ll explain each area of systemic innovation.