Privacy Policy


Well Grounded Consultancy complies fully with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles. This Privacy Policy has been created to detail the steps we take to ensure that we comply.

What personal information we collect

Well Grounded Consultancy collects personal information (for example names, phone numbers and other general information) to enable us to respond to queries about our products and services. Additionally, Well Grounded Consultancy collects further personal information about our active clients. Well Grounded Consultancy is required to collect some sensitive information (for example information about disabilities and educational history) from those who enrol in a program of training.

How we collect personal information

Solicited personal information is collected through the Well Grounded Consultancy website, and through direct contact with potential clients whether face to face, virtually or on the phone.

Unsolicited personal information is collected through referrals from active clients and partners. Well Grounded Consultancy does not purchase personal information from third party sources.

How we store personal information

All personal information is stored digitally using industry standard and above industry standard database security. Personal information is sometimes stored in third party repositories, for example cloud business applications, but only when we are confident that information is safe from others and from those who manage the application.

How we use personal information

Personal information is used only for the purposes of responding to queries, delivering on agreed services and for opt-in marketing. Well Grounded Consultancy does not sell or distribute personal information under any circumstances. Well Grounded Consultancy is required, under certain circumstances, to provide personal information to government and other agencies. When this is required, clients will be made aware prior to their providing their personal information.
No personal information is transmitted to recipients outside of Australia.

Accessing your information

If you would like to know what personal information Well Grounded Consultancy has on file about you, you need to contact us through our website. You will be required to prove your identity to accepted Australian 100 point standards. Following your proof of identity, you will be granted access to the personal information we store and given the opportunity to correct it or request that we destroy it. Both these requests will be honoured without question.

Making a privacy complaint

If you believe that Well Grounded Consultancy is using your personal information inappropriately, you can make a complaint by contacting us through our website. Initially Well Grounded Consultancy senior manager will work with you to resolve the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you have the option of complaining to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Use of a pseudonym

You are welcome to make an initial query regarding our products or services under a pseudonym, however if you elect to enrol in a program of training with Well Grounded Consultancy you will be required to disclose true and accurate information.

Change of Details

If you change your details, for example if you move house, get a new phone number or change your email address, you must inform us. By providing us with your up-to-date contact details you ensure that we will be able to provide you with all information relevant to your studies.

To update your details simply send an email to or call us on 1800 949 692. We will ask you some questions to verify your identity and, if verified, we will update your details as you have requested.
It’s that simple!